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Certificates globally recognized by the business world
The Certificates:

Enhance professional development and contribute to improving Vocational English.

Contribute to professional growth and ensure constant employment.

Assure that students as well as professionals acquire basic knowledge of English terminology required for their profession.


Vocational English Certificates

Two Vocational English Certificates are distributed by the University of Greenwich:

1. Certificate of Attendance:

It is awarded to the student of Vocational English who successfully completes two essential stages: the attendance of the 50-hour seminar and the creation of the Language Portfolio regarding the Vocation chosen by the student. The Portfolio includes: 21 quizzes, 3 tests, 20 written tasks and 3 recorded conversations related to the Vocation of choice.

2. Certificate of Online Testing:

It is awarded to the student of Vocational English who successfully passes any of the available specialized examinations. The Certificates are distributed by the University of Greenwich. Sufficient knowledge of Vocational English in the business world can be proven by acquiring the Certificate.



Examination details
  • • All online tests last 60 minutes and are divided into 5 parts:

Part 1: Listening Comprehension
Part 2: Vocabulary/ Terminology
Part 3: Use of English
Part 4: Reading Comprehension
Part 5: Writing task

  • The examination focuses on specific terms and functions, vocabulary and terminology, ways of communication, reading comprehension, listening comprehension and writing tasks related to the particular field of study.
  • The examination is especially designed as to meet the requirements of Vocational English that are taught in Professional Schools, Technological Colleges, Institutions and Universities.
  • The examinations are administered twice a year.


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