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Our aim is for children to love the English language even from the earliest stages of learning. The best age for children to start learning English is when they are in Kindergarten or in the first year of primary school. Children can start learning English at our language centre by joining our Kindergarten and Nursery Classes. These classes are provided for FREE at our language centres. This way, children have their first experiences with the English language and they learn English in a pleasant way with Express Publishing’s books, Interactive Whiteboards, educative games and songs. Our primary goal is to make children love the English Language.


Children at this level start writing words and reading aloud. As they progress in level they enrich their vocabulary and learn grammar in a pleasant way. In addition, they are encouraged to speak in English and take part in drama activities and Project Presentations. Teachers use modern educational tools such as Interactive White Boards (IWB) and electronic books (iebooks). This way, the lesson becomes a pleasant and memorable experience; learners develop solid foundations, while studying is no longer a stressful and dull procedure.


At this level, students prepare intensively in order to obtain their certificates. Students participate actively in the learning experience and language consolidation is accomplished. They are familiarised with the format of all officially recognized examinations and also practise the required techniques. At the same time, students obtain their first Certificate in English (usually) at the age of 13 and the Certificate of Proficiency at the age of 14.


With these courses, we provide adult learners with the opportunity to attend two classes in one academic year. Therefore, a beginner can obtain his/her first Certificate in English in three academic years. Our adult students are educated with Express Publishing’s books and high-tech teaching methods.


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