Regulations of Pagoulatou Vlachou Foreign Language Schools

Responsibilities of the Centres

  • The school year starts on 1st October and ends from 20th to 31st May, depending on the exam dates of public schools.
  • Holidays and bank holidays are stipulated by the Ministry of Education. In case a teacher is absent (due to illness or an emergency, etc.), every possible effort is made to reschedule the lesson.
  • Parents/Legal guardians are informed by the school every time a student is absent.
  • Parents/Legal guardians are informed about their children’s performance after every written exam by a note, which is handed to the students. A report with the student’s total scores is also handed to them on designated dates 3 times a year. The student’s report is to be returned signed by his/her parents/legal guardians by the student to the teacher of the class.
  • At the end of the school year, all students are given their final report with their overall scores for the level they completed.
  • Free supplementary teaching is provided to students who need extra help, following an agreement with the parents/legal guardians. Moreover, students can remain in the school’s computer room, before or after the lesson, and are offered free homework preparation if desired, or if there is a temporary technical problem with their computer at home, so that the student does not neglect their studying using the iebook.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Tuition fees are disbursed to the centres in 4 prearranged installments unless different methods of payment have been previously agreed (e.g. by credit card, pay off in advance)
  • 1st INSTALLMENT: from 1st to 10th September
  • 2nd INSTALLMENT: from 1st to 10th November
  • 3rd INSTALLMENT: from 1st to 10th December
  • 4th INSTALLMENT: from 1st to 10th March
  • In case parents fail to meet the tuition fee deadlines, they are obliged to inform the accounting department so that the payment is rearranged on a different date.
  • In case there is a dropout, parents/legal guardians must pay the fees respectively to the period of the student’s attendance.
  • Part of the tuition fees is not deducted even if a student’s absence is justified, as they are estimated for the whole year.
  • Students should respect their teachers and fellow students.
  • Students who cause damage destroying walls, desks or any element of the centre’s infrastructure, are expelled and obliged to pay for the damage.
  • Students must be in the classroom 2-3 minutes before the lessons begin.
  • All students are obliged to participate in the regular tests according to the curriculum. In case a student fails to do so, he/she must reschedule the test date following an agreement with the secretary of the school. No student is excused from the designated tests due to illness or absence.


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Ano Patisia, Athens

Postal Code 111 44

Tel.: (210) 22 80 270